The current Mayor of Richmond is Jonathan Preece. The list of names of every Mayor of Richmond since 1668 is on display in the Council Chamber in the Town Hall. The first of these names, the Mayor in 1668, was William Wetwange. The first lady to hold office was Mary J Hodgson, who was Mayor in 1932, 1933 and 1934. Another lady, Ruth G Roper, held the ofiice in 1935,1936 and 1937. Mrs Roper was one of a number of Roper's who became Mayor of Richmond and these include the wonderfully named Roper Stote Donnison Rowe Roper (1855), George Roper (1881-3 and 1890) and George A Roper (1924-6).

The Town Council elect the new Mayor at the February meeting and the Mayor takes office in May.