Town Criers generally have existed since the days of William the Conqueror. It is very likely that Richmond had a Town Crier within a few years of the Castle being built in 1071. Within Richmond the Crier was always known as the Bellman, the original assignation, but today we refer to him as the Town Crier.

The position was revived some years ago and the present incumbent is Councillor Barry Heap. He proclaims from points North, East, South and West in the centre of the town and Barry can be heard at the bottom of the Market Place (outside the Yorkshire Bank), outside the Kings Head Hotel, half way up Finkle Street and at the Market Cross. His proclamations are in rhyming verse and he can be heard on most Sundays throughout the summer, usually at noon. Barry is a member of the Loyal Company of Town Criers and he will be competing in the Town Criers Competition and Street Organ Festival at Banbury, Oxfordshire, on September 3rd 2010.