The Roper Cradle.

A table centre-piece in the form of a cradle being formed by a nautilus shell, at one end the supporter is topped by a dove, the base having splayed feet. At the other end of the shell is a cherubs head with wings and the supporter has a paw foot. In the centre of the cradle is a tapered tubular holder in which is held a trumpet shaped glass vase. The whole standing on an ebonised wooden base decorated with two rows of silver bead work and having a plaque inscribed, “Presented to Mrs Roper by the members and officials of the Borough of Richmond, Yorkshire on the occasion of the birth of her daughter during the year of office of her husband George Roper Esq., as Mayor of the Borough 14th August 1881”.

Made in London in 1880 by Michael Goldstein

Between 1855 and 1954 the Roper family supplied three generations who served in office of Mayor of the Borough of Richmond.

George Roper Snr 1881, 1882, 1883 & 1891

George Roper 1924, 1925 & 1926

Ruth G. Roper 1935, 1936.1937 & 1938

Ruth G. Roper was a great public servant who was a Councillor and Alderman of the Borough. She was for many years the President of the Richmond Cycling Club, and as well as taking an active part in many of the towns organisations. During the Second World War she personally purchased and drove an ambulance for the towns Civil Defence organisation.

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