The Richmond Archers Gorget

The shield shaped gorget being engraved with a coat of arms of two longbows set back to back, flanked by two sheaves of ten arrows. The crest is an Archer.

Below the arms is the motto, "VIRTUTI FEDO ET SAGITTIS" translated as, "My trust in my arrows and valour". Below which is engraved, "Richmond Archers 1785". The top of the shield has two holes to enable the gorget to be attached to a silver chain.

Made in London in 1782 by Richard Lee.

This gorget was the badge of office of the Captain of the Richmond Company of Archers and would have been worn arround the neck pendant fashion.

It was presented to Richmond Town Council by Mrs. W. Metcalfe of Richmond.

Copyright of Alan M.Wilcox Richmond Town Clerk 1985-1997.