The R.A.F. Freedom Sword.

A ceremorial sword it has a hilt of wood of spiral form bound with gilt wire. The circular pommel bears the arms of Richmond, Yorkshire, and on reverse the badge of the Royal Air Force. The guard being gilt metal in the form of an RAF eagle. The blade is engraved, “Wilkinson Sword”, “Presented to the Borough of Richmond Yorkshire, by the Royal Air Force Catterick on the occasion of the conferment of the Freedom of Entry to the Borough. 1st July 1971”. The scabbard of grey velvet having gilt mounts at the top, centre and tip. The central mount with Yorkshire rose enamelled in colours.

Made in London in 1970 by Wilkinson Sword.

The sword is carried by a commissioned officer, accompanied by an honour guard of two SNCO’s before the Mayor on all civic processions.

© Copyright of Alan M. Wilcox Richmond Town Clerk 1985-1997