The Peg Tankard

A cylindrical silver tankard standing on scroll topped feet. The front is engraved with a flower head on a straight stalk, with leaf and flower scrolls. One flower head terminates in a semi-gryphen, and the other in a devil. On each side of the handle is a flower, one being a tulip, and the other an iris. The underside engraved, “Repaired 1862- George Smurthwaite Jnr., Mayor”. The cover is engraved with the porcupine crest of the Wetwange family, the whole within a leaf scroll. Around the rim is engraved, “HOC GRATITUDINIS SUCE TESSEAM DEGEL WILHELMUS WETWAN B UGE PREMUS… IOR S BURGI RICHMOND. CREATUS MAY 23RD ANO 1668”. (Given by William Wetwange, the first Mayor of Richmond on 23rd May 1668, the day he took office)

Made in York in 1667 by John Plummer. Weight 20 ozs

William Wetwange was a prosperous Hosier in Richmond, and Freeman of the company of Drapers, Vintners and Surgeons of Richmond. He was appointed Mayor by Royal Command of Charles II in his Charter of 1668. On his death five years later in 1673 he left in his Will the sum of £868-18s-5d, a considerable sum of money in those days. He had three sons, Thomas a Richmond shopkeeper, John like his father a wealthy hosier in Richmond, and Francis who left to seek his fortune in London.

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