The Moore Cup

A two-handled cup with a bell shaped body, on one side is engraved script, “The gift of George Moore of East Witton to the Mayor and Corporation of Richmond forever as a grateful acknowledgement of their honest and zealous endeavour’s to the discover the execrable murderers of his kinsman, John Moore of Gilling, perpetrated December 16th 1758. Henry Lanchester, Mayor”.

Made in London in 1757 by Thomas Cooke II and Richard Gurney.

John Moore was a whitesmith or tinsmith who weekly came to the market at Richmond to sell his wares. On the 16th December 1758 on his way back home from the market he was robbed and murdered, the crime taking place on the Gilling road near Oliver Ducket.

The Mayor of Richmond being the Chief Magistrate and Coroner attempted to discover the perpetrator but was unsuccessful, and a verdict of murder by person or persons unknown was recorded. John Moore was interred in the churchyard at Gilling, but it was later discovered that the crime had not taken place in the Borough of Richmond, but had in fact been committed just inside the Parish of Aske. A second coroners court was convened, a further attempt made to discover the murderer, again with no success and the same verdict recorded.

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