The Dunkley Salvers.

A pair of silver salvers, the centre of which is engraved with a crest of a hand holding a wreath below the motto "VIRUTE" (the crest of the Cooper family). Whithin a later chased surround of scrolls and flowers, and applied cast border of spume work. The reverse side incribed, "Presented to the Corporation of Richmond by Florence Riley to mark the three years that Alderman and Mrs Dunkley have served as Mayor and Mayoress of the Borough 24th November 1960"

Made in London in 1765 by Thomas Hannah and John Crouch the Second

A benefactress to Richmond, Mrs Riley gave many donations to the town. Her husband was a Director of Riley & Nate of Darlington. Alderman and Mrs Dunkley were Mayor and Mayoress in 1958, 1959 and 1960.

Copyright of Alan M.Wilcox Richmond Town Clerk 1985-1997.