The Crown Bowl

The hemispherical Monteith bowl is chased with six scrolling panels. One panel is engraved with the arms of Richmond, another with a stags head erased, holding in its mouth a branch of oak, the crest of Readshaw. On the underside of the bowl is engraved, “Richmond Novr 4 1754 out of ye great regard, and affection I have for this Corporation I give this bowl to be used by ye Mayor for ye time being forever Cuth. Readshaw Mayor”. The detached wavy rim has eight scrolls with shell decoration, on the rim is engraved “IBE”

Made in London in 1700 by Richard Timbrell. Makers mark struck four times on the rim.

Cuthbert Readshaw was Mayor of Richmond in 1754 and 1768. A wine merchant he, was a freeman of the Company of Mercers, Grocers and Haberdashers of Richmond, and was Warden of the Company in 1738, 1747 and 1756. He remained an active Freeman until his death in 1776. An Alderman he had a love-hate relationship with his colleagues on the Corporation, mostly over rents and taxes. In 1762 the town clerk was ordered to: “Immediately bring ejectments against Cuth Readshaw and his tenants for the recovering of lands rented of the Corporation, and for this ungenteel behaviour towards the Mayor and committee appointed for the settling of the Corporation revenues. It is ordered for the future that he holds no lands of the Corporation”. A note was added, that the matter was settled before proceedings. He comes down the pages of Richmond’s history as a gambler with a love of bending the rules. Alderman Readshaw is also remembered as the builder of a summerhouse in the design of a “Chinese Temple” on Round Howe on the South Bank of the River Swale.

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