The primary responsibility of Richmond Town Council to promote and protect the interests of the Town. It does this by staying in close contact with the community

The Council has few areas of direct responsibility but it influences the District and County Council to ensure that matters of community concern are listened to.

The main responsibilities of the Town Council are: -

Management of Public Properties

The Town Hall, Market Hall Trinity Tower and St Mary’s Graveyard.

Provision of Services

These include allotments, outdoor and indoor markets, summer floral decorations, the annual firework display and the town’s Christmas lights (held in partnership with Richmond Duck Club).

Encouragement of Voluntary Initiative

Working with charities, representation on school governing bodies, the giving or sponsoring of entertainments, arts and crafts and tourism and expenditure on many different things considered to benefit the Town.

Since Richmond is an ancient town it has a great number of Charities some of which have combined to ensure greater financial ability to help deserving causes. The Town Council also makes small grants to various voluntary organisations.

The Town is twinned with Vinstra, in the Nord-Fron Commune in Norway and also with St Aubin de Cormier in Brittany, France. The Town exchanges formal visits with our twin towns. It also welcomes visstors from those given Honorary Freedoms and from other Richmonds world-wide

Defence of Local Interests

The Council views all planning applications and it makes recommendations on them to the District Planning Authority. The Council is consulted regarding byelaws it represents the views of the townspeople at public inquiries. It also has the right to oppose private bills raised in parliament. The Council also has have limited rights to create its own byelaws.

A number of Town Councillors are also members of District and the County Councils and can therefore exert some authority to influence these bodies so that the interests of the town are protected

The County and District Councils also consult the Richmond Town Council on strategic plans for development, transportation and future planning.

Guardianship of Local Traditions and Rights

The Town Council strives to ensure that the very many traditions are properly retained These include Mayor Making, Mayor's Sunday at St Mary's Church, the First Fruits Ceremony and the Boundary Riding. The Town Council also retains, maintains and secures the regalia (including the Charters), the Town Banner, the Freedom Sword, the Halberdiers and Mace-bearers, the Mayors personal silver mace and the Mayoral Chain.