According to the late Leslie P Wenham, the First Fruits of the Harvest ceremony is of medieval origin and it demonstrates how dependant were the people of the town upon the success of the harvest. Corn was grown on the three great fields to the north of the town, Westfield, Gallowfield and Eastfield. Jane Hatcher has commented that although the ceremony had a religious connotation, it moved on from the understandable wish to make a sacrifice unto God and had more to do with the obligation to return to the Church the first year's income from all church appointments. Nowadays, after some introductory remarks by the Town Mayor, and thanksgiving prayers by a clergyman, a local farmer presents to the Mayor a small sackful of newly threshed corn. The Mayor then hands this to a miller, who examines the corn. When he passes favourable judgement on its quality, the Mayor presents the farmer with a bottle of wine. Other bottles are broached and bystanders are invited to join in a toast to a good harvest.

The 2013 ceremony will take place on Saturday 14th September on Trinity Church curtilage.